Nasolabial fold surgery - Implant

Face Contouring Center Nasolabial fold Surgery Implant
Implant operation time - 30 mins / Anesthesia - sedation / Stitch Removal - No needed / Hospitalization - No needed / Visit - 1 time / Daily Life - After 3~4 days

What is Nasolabial fold surgery by Implant?

Nasolabial fold surgery is to turn a face with deep nasolabial folds or sunken center part of a face called superior maxilla into a young looking and harmonious face. By filling some volume to the nasolabial fold area, you will earn a soft impression with young looking face at the same time

Nasolabial fold surgery by Implant is for

  • Those who look older than their actual age due to the deep nasolabial folds
  • Those who are dissatisfied with fillers or fat grafts on the nasolabial folds
  • Those who want a permanent improvement of nasolabial folds
  • Those who have sunken nose surroundings that make the mouth look protruded

Characteristics of Implants

  • It is very natural since it is inserted deep inside the skin
  • Semi-permanent result

워너비성형외과의 특별함

  • 전문의료진
  • 숙련된 임상경험
  • 환자우선 시스템
  • 수술 후 관리시스템
  • 첨단장비 보유
서울대학교와 삼성서울병원 출신의 최고 수준의 의료진 구준한 연구와 숙련된 임상경험 안전한 마취 및 소독관리 시스템 통증없는 편안한 수술과 안락한 회복 시스템 첨단 3차원 진단 시스템 3D CT, VECTRA X3


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