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Magic Lateral Canthoplasty operation time - 30 mins / Anesthesia - sedation / Stitch Removal - Depends on the case it might be necessary / Hospitalization - No needed / Visit - 1 time / Daily Life - After 7 days

What is Magic Lateral Epicanthoplasty?

Magic Lateral Epicanthoplasty is a surgery for those who have eyes short in width and sole eyed. It incises the lateral part of the eye and make more definite eyes. The original method of this surgery was simply to incise or suture the corners of angulus oculi lateralis, or to eliminate part of the skin. This method seemed effective at first but as time passed, skins re-adhered and got ineffective. At Wannabe Plastic Surgery, we take a method of Magic Lateral Canthoplasty which is to tightly fix the angulus oculi lateralis part and prevent adherence while making the eyes look bigger at the same time.

Magic Lateral Epicanthoplasty is effective for those

  • Who are short breadth width eyed
  • Who are the rear part is more closed than front part eyed
  • Who are not satisfied with doing only Magic Epicanthoplasty
  • Who don't want their eyes slant upwards or downwards

Surgery Method

Magic Lateral Canthoplasty urgery Method
  • Design the incision site at the outer part of eyes (3~5mm)
  • light sedation after local anesthesia
  • Incision and eliminate the remained skin and oculomucocutaneous
  • Stitch up

Characteristics of Magic Lateral Epicathoplasty

  • Short operation time, no swllings so patients can return to their normal social lives right away
  • Tightly fix the angulus oculi lateralis part and prevent adherence
  • Patients don't have to worry about scars as incision is taken place near the conjunctiva
  • The whole facial impression improves greatly as it lowers endings of the eyes

Before & After Pintures

Before & After Before & After Before & After

워너비성형외과의 특별함

  • 전문의료진
  • 숙련된 임상경험
  • 환자우선 시스템
  • 수술 후 관리시스템
  • 첨단장비 보유
서울대학교와 삼성서울병원 출신의 최고 수준의 의료진 구준한 연구와 숙련된 임상경험 안전한 마취 및 소독관리 시스템 통증없는 편안한 수술과 안락한 회복 시스템 첨단 3차원 진단 시스템 3D CT, VECTRA X3


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