Non-implant Nose Surgery

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Non-implant Nose Surgery operation time - 2 hours / Anesthesia - sedation / Stitch Removal - 7th day, 14th day After Surgery / Hospitalization - No needed / Visit - 2times / Daily Life - After 7 days

Non-implant Nose Surgery

Non-implant Nose Surgery is a nose surgery that does not use foreign substances like implants but self tissue instead. Hence, it can create a natural and perfect shape of a nose without any side effects. Non-implant Nose Surgery is applicable for most people but it is more effective at a particular size of a nose. However, enough amount of autologous tissue is required for a best result.

Non-implant Nose Surgery

  • Those who want to focus on nose tip or when nose bridge is
    not preferred to be high
  • Those who do not wish to use implants
  • Those who have experienced serious side effects such as
    infection or contracture
  • Those who have implant allergies
  • Those who have generally well developed nose

Characteristics Non-implant Nose Surgery

  • As only self tissue is used, you can have a natural nose that
    seems originally your own.
  • It can form a natural nose bridge line as well as beautiful nose tip.
  • Effective for those who have repulsion in implants as implants are
    not being used
  • Effective for revision surgery for those who have experienced
  • Effective for serious infection or contracture due to various surgeries
  • Fast recovery due to less swelling since no implants are used

Before & After Pictures

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