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Magic Epicanthoplasty operation time - 30 mins / Anesthesia - sedation / Stitch Removal - 5~7 days After Surgery / Hospitalization - No needed / Visit - 1~2 times / Dailt Life - After 7 days

What is Magic Epicanthoplasty?

Eastern people's one of representative features is the Mongolian fold. This is the skin that is right below your under eyelid that covers the inner corner of the eye. The more severe fold you have, the farther distance you will have between the eyes. Magic Epicanthoplasty is a method of surgery to incise this part of the eyes. Even though many surgeons have tried this method in various ways, they could not overcome the scar left on the eyes after the surgery. However, recently, we have developed a method of Magic Epicanthoplasty to overcome this limitation. Magic Epicanthoplasty incises near the comjumctiva making the scar inconspicuous. This forms a natural eye shape as if it is your own.

Magic Epicanthoplasty is effective for those

  • Whose width of the eye is short
  • Whose distance between eyes is long and gives poor impression
  • Whose mongolian fold is extended to lower eyelids like wrinkles
  • Who have strabismus
  • Whose eyes look fierce due to the gradient between eyes and head
  • Who want in-out fold or out fold double eyelids

Surgery Method

Magic Epicanthoplasty Surgery Method
  • Design the best suitable shape onto your double
  • Incises near the conjunctiva making the scar
  • Eliminates the remained skin of the Mongolian fold and stitch up the scar inconpicuous
  • Completion of well-defined and natural looking eyes

Characteristics of Magic Epicanthoplasty

  • You don't have to worry about the scars as incison is placed near the conjunctiva
  • It can make a big and well-defined eye shape as it enlarges the width and length of the eye
  • It can smoothen the shape of the eye by mitigating the gradient of the head of the eyes
  • It is effective in mitigating severe monglian fold
  • It can make your impression more vivid as it shortens the distance between your forehead
  • It accompanies double eyelid surgery so it maximizes the effect of eye enlargement

Before & After Pictures

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워너비성형외과의 특별함

  • 전문의료진
  • 숙련된 임상경험
  • 환자우선 시스템
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  • 첨단장비 보유
서울대학교와 삼성서울병원 출신의 최고 수준의 의료진 구준한 연구와 숙련된 임상경험 안전한 마취 및 소독관리 시스템 통증없는 편안한 수술과 안락한 회복 시스템 첨단 3차원 진단 시스템 3D CT, VECTRA X3

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