Double Eyelids Surgery for Men

Eye Surgery Center Double Eyelids Surgery for Men
Double Eyelids Surgery for Men operation time - 30 mins ~ 1hour / Anesthesia - sedation / Stitch Removal - 3~7 days After Surgery / Hospitalization - No needed / Visit - 1~2 times / Dailt Life - After 3~7 days

Double Eyelids Surgery for Men이란

Men’s eye shape is as important as women’s. It is essential to have refined, stylish, bright and clear eyes to not only be attractive but to achieve success in social life. Lately, the number of men getting eye plastic surgery is increasing.

Preoperative considerations of Men's Double Eyelid Surgery

  • Men's double eyelids are usually thicker than women's
  • Men usually want subtle and thin double eyelids unlike women
  • Men cannot cover the medial / lateral epicanthoplasty scars with make ups unlike women
  • Men usually want well defined eyes instead of high double eyelid lines

Wannabe Men's Double Eyelid Surgery

Delicate and high leveled skills are required in eye surgeries as even 1mm error can cause a critical difference in results. Also, eyelids are formed with a complex anatomical structure. So specialists must be proficient in anatomical knowledge for satisfactory surgical results. Our eye surgery specialists are formed with qualified surgeons from Seoul National University with numerous experiences and knowhow. We, Wannabe, promise you natural and satisfactory results by customized designing for each individual’s characteristics.

Before & After Pictures

Before & After Before & After Before & After Before & After

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서울대학교와 삼성서울병원 출신의 최고 수준의 의료진 구준한 연구와 숙련된 임상경험 안전한 마취 및 소독관리 시스템 통증없는 편안한 수술과 안락한 회복 시스템 첨단 3차원 진단 시스템 3D CT, VECTRA X3


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