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Mini Liposuction operation time - 2 hours / Anesthesia - Local, sedation / Stitch Removal - No needed / Hospitalization - No needed / Visit - 2~3 times / Daily Life - After 1 day

What is Mini Liposuction?

Mini Liposuction is a method to remove particularly protruded fats or those who are bothered about fats in certain body part.

Mini Liposuction is for

  • Those who need to remove fats on face, ankle, arm, knee kind of easily sticking out areas
  • Those who feel uncomfortable with wearing the compression suits
  • Those who don't have enough recovery time or downtime
  • Those who are afraid of surgeries

Characteristics of Mini Liposuction

  • Only the desired areas can be removed through a sophisticated liposuction that makes you look just as in shape as your original body
  • 30mins ~ 1 hour quick operation time and fast daily life activities
  • Minimize postoperative edema and recovery time which can be performed comfortably at anytime without downtime
  • No need to wear compression suits after surgery

Before & After Pictures

Before & After Pictures Before & After Pictures Before & After Pictures Before & After Pictures

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