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Non-incision Eye Shape Correction operation time - 1hour / Anesthesia - sedation / Stitch Removal - needed / Hospitalization - No needed / Visit - 1 time / Daily Life - After 3~4 days

What is Ptosis?

Due to innate or acquired reason, some eyes have weak muscles to lift the eyelids. This causes the eyes to look dull and sleepy as some part of eyeballs is not exposed. Such symptom is called Blepharoptosis.

The symptom of Blepharoptosis?

The eyes look sleepy and continue to use forehead wrinkles could be formed earlier in age as they get to use forehead muscles instead. This also tires the eyes fairly quickly resulting in inconvenience.

What is Ptosis Correction?

Pull or shorten the Levator muscle, which is used to open the eyes, and Muller muscle to raise the vertical width of the eyes and to increase the exposure of the iris. This changes the sleepy looking eyes to well defined eyes.

What is Non-incision Eye Shape Correction?

Usually done along with natural adhesion or incision double eyelid surgery. By pulling the muller muscle with stitches approaching from the conjunctiva to get an eye shape correction. This is generally done for mild ptosis

Surgery Method

Non-incision Eye Shape Correction Surgery Method
  • Local anesthesia after light sedation
  • Create fine holes along the double eyelid line
  • Pull the muller muscle towards conjunctiva and fix it to the eyelid plaste
  • Completion

Before & After Pictures

Before & After Before & After Before & After Before & After Before & After

워너비성형외과의 특별함

  • 전문의료진
  • 숙련된 임상경험
  • 환자우선 시스템
  • 수술 후 관리시스템
  • 첨단장비 보유
서울대학교와 삼성서울병원 출신의 최고 수준의 의료진 구준한 연구와 숙련된 임상경험 안전한 마취 및 소독관리 시스템 통증없는 편안한 수술과 안락한 회복 시스템 첨단 3차원 진단 시스템 3D CT, VECTRA X3


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